1Title  Mercantile Hotel. 25-27 George Street, The Rocks. Conservation Management Plan. Requires cookie*
 Author  Somerville J. | Jack R.I. | Lavelle S. 
 Organisation  Jyoti Somerville Pty Ltd 
 Client  Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority 
 Date of Production  1999 
 NSW Historic Theme  Commerce | Leisure | Towns, suburbs and villages 
 Site Location  25-27 George Street, The Rocks. 
 County  Cumberland 
 Local Government Area  Council of the City of Sydney 
 Document Type  Heritage/Conservation 
 Original Document Quality  Photocopy | Poor quality image reproduction 
 Contributor  Ian Jack Collection 
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2Title  Historical Archaeological Resource of Warringah Shire, for The Warringah Shire Heritage Study. Requires cookie*
 Author  Thorp W. 
 Organisation  N/A 
 Client  Brian McDonald Architect Pty Ltd 
 Date of Production  1988 
 NSW Historic Theme  Domestic life | Environment - cultural landscape | Leisure | Towns, suburbs and villages 
 Site Location  Warringah Shire 
 County  Cumberland 
 Local Government Area  Warringah Council 
 Document Type  Heritage/Conservation 
 Original Document Quality  Original master copy 
 Contributor  Wendy Thorp Collection 
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