1Title  Pattern Analysis of an Office Space. A Behavioural Investigation of Artefacts from the Original Supreme Court Site, Sydney. Requires cookie*
 Author  Percival D. 
 Organisation  University of Sydney 
 Date of Production  2004 
 NSW Historic Theme  Law and order 
 Site Location  King Street, Sydney 
 County  Cumberland 
 Local Government Area  Council of the City of Sydney 
 Document Type  Thesis/Student paper 
 Original Document Quality  Photocopy 
 Contributor  Wendy Thorp 
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2Title  The Melbourne Ward Collection of Penal and Colonial Artifacts in the Australian Museum. [Diploma] Requires cookie*
 Author  Stuart M.J. 
 Organisation  University of Sydney 
 Date of Production  1984 
 NSW Historic Theme  Convict | Law and order 
 Site Location  Melbourne 
 Document Type  Thesis/Student paper 
 Original Document Quality  Photocopy | Poor quality image reproduction 
 Contributor  Judy Birmingham Collection 
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3Title  These Wooden Walls. Government Convict Accommodation and the Expansion of Settlement in New South Wales 1788 to !857. Requires cookie*
 Author  Spry R. 
 Organisation  University of Sydney 
 Date of Production  2006 
 NSW Historic Theme  Convict | Government and administration | Labour | Law and order 
 Site Location  NSW 
 Document Type  Thesis/Student paper 
 Original Document Quality  Original master copy 
 Contributor  USyD SOPHI Theses Library 
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