1Title  Archaeological Advice on Proposed Extension of Boat Ramp, Burrinjuck Dam. Requires cookie*
 Author  Bickford A. 
 Organisation  Anne Bickford Heritage Consultants 
 Client  NSW Department of Land and Water Conservation 
 Date of Production  2002 
 Site Location  Burrinjuck Dam, Burrinjuck 
 County  Harden 
 Local Government Area  Yass Valley Council 
 Document Type  Survey/Assessment 
 Original Document Quality  Original master copy 
 Contributor  Anne Bickford Collection 
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2Title  Cooma Cottage Yass Excavation Report. Requires cookie*
 Author  Davies M. 
 Organisation  N/A 
 Client  National Trust of Australia (NSW) 
 Date of Production  1988 
 Site Location  Lat: -34.8636749976 Long: 148.9486673750 
 County  Murray 
 Local Government Area  Yass Valley Council 
 Document Type  Excavation Report 
 Original Document Quality  Digital provided as scan 
 Contributor  Heritage Branch Library Collection 
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