1Title  Mudgee Shire. Industrial Archaeology Survey. Requires cookie*
 Author  Cremin A. 
 Organisation  N/A 
 Date of Production  1986 
 NSW Historic Theme  Agriculture | Industry | Mining 
 Site Location  Mudgee Shire 
 County  Wellington 
 Local Government Area  Mid-Western Regional Council 
 Document Type  Survey/Assessment 
 Original Document Quality  Photocopy | Poor quality image reproduction 
 Contributor  Ian Jack Collection 
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2Title  Assorted Student Surveys and Excavations at Hill End, NSW. Requires cookie*
 Author  Various 
 Organisation  University of Sydney 
 Date of Production  1975 
 NSW Historic Theme  Commerce | Environment - cultural landscape | Industry 
 Site Location  500m from the intersection of Beaufoy Merlin lookout and Brewery Creek, Hill End. 
 County  Wellington 
 Local Government Area  Bathurst Regional Council 
 Document Type  Thesis/Student paper 
 Original Document Quality  Photocopy 
 Contributor  Ian Jack Collection 
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