1Title  Archaeological Assessment. Argyle Place Hotel Development, Newcastle. Requires cookie*
 Author  N/A 
 Organisation  Anne Bickford and Associates, Heritage Consultants 
 Client  Richard Owens Investments 
 Date of Production  1997 
 NSW Historic Theme  Domestic life 
 Site Location  Wharf Road and Argyle Street, Sydney. 
 County  Northumberland 
 Local Government Area  Newcastle City Council 
 Document Type  Survey/Assessment 
 Original Document Quality  Original master copy | Poor quality image reproduction 
 Contributor  Anne Bickford Collection 
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2Title  Burwood Copper Smelter, Manager's House Site. Historical Archaeological Report. Requires cookie*
 Author  Bairstow D. 
 Organisation  N/A 
 Client  Hunter District Water Board 
 Date of Production  1987 
 NSW Historic Theme  Domestic life | Industry 
 Site Location  Newcastle, NSW 
 County  Northumberland 
 Local Government Area  Newcastle City Council 
 Document Type  Excavation Report 
 Original Document Quality  Photocopy | Poor quality image reproduction 
 Contributor  Judy Birmingham Collection 
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