1Title  A Tale of Two Privies: Techniques for the Recovery of Organic Remains from Australian Latrine Deposits. Requires cookie*
 Author  Everett C. 
 Organisation  University of Sydney 
 Date of Production  1994 
 NSW Historic Theme  Health | Utilities 
 Site Location  Regentville & The Rocks. Sydney 
 County  Cumberland 
 Document Type  Thesis/Student paper 
 Original Document Quality  Original master copy 
 Contributor  USyD SOPHI Theses Library 
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2Title  Cumberland/ Gloucester Streets Site. Archaeological Investigation 1994. Volume 4 Part 6. Specialist Reports. [Soil, Parasites, Plants, Pollen] Requires cookie*
 Author  Lawrie R. | Everett C. | McPhail M. 
 Organisation  Godden Mackay Pty Ltd 
 Client  Sydney Cove Authority 
 Date of Production  1996 
 Site Location  Cumberland and Gloucester Streets, The Rocks 
 County  Cumberland 
 Local Government Area  Council of the City of Sydney 
 Document Type  Artefact Report 
 Original Document Quality  Original master copy 
 Contributor  Godden Mackay Logan Collection 
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