1Title  Archaeological Excavation RH/46: Queen's Arms Inn & Rouse Hill Post Office volume 1. Requires cookie*
 Author  Casey M. | Lowe A. | Gorman A. | English A. | Ward R. | Stuart I. | Smith J. | Lindbergh J. | Colley S. 
 Organisation  Casey & Lowe Associates | Brayshaw McDonald Pty Ltd 
 Client  Rouse Hill Infrastructure Project 
 Date of Production  1995 
 Site Location  Windsor Rd, near intersection with Rouse Rd Grid ref: 306820 6270740 (2013 = ?824 Old Windsor Rd = McDonalds) 
 County  Cumberland 
 Local Government Area  The Hills Shire Council 
 Document Type  Excavation Report 
 Original Document Quality  Original master copy 
 Contributor  Casey & Lowe Pty Ltd Collection 
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