1Title  Archaeological Investigation of Bone Material, Cowra Prisoner of War Camp, New South Wales. Requires cookie*
 Author  English A. J. 
 Organisation  English & Gay Cultural Resource Management 
 Client  Consultant J. Winston-Gregson 
 Date of Production  1995 
 Site Location  Evans Street, Cowra, NSW 2794 
 County  Bathurst 
 Local Government Area  Cowra Shire Council 
 Document Type  Artefact Report 
 Original Document Quality  Photocopy 
 Contributor  Heritage Branch Library Collection 
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2Title  Archaeological Excavation RH/46: Queen's Arms Inn & Rouse Hill Post Office volume 2 Artefact Reports and Catalogue. Requires cookie*
 Author  Casey M. | Lowe A. | Gorman A. | English A. | Ward R. | Stuart I. | Smith J. | Lindbergh J. | Colley S. 
 Organisation  Casey & Lowe Associates | Brayshaw McDonald Pty Ltd 
 Client  Rouse Hill Infrastructure Project 
 Date of Production  1995 
 Site Location  Windsor Rd, near intersection with Rouse Rd Grid ref: 306820 6270740 (2013 = ?824 Old Windsor Rd = McDonalds) 
 County  Cumberland 
 Local Government Area  The Hills Shire Council 
 Document Type  Artefact Report 
 Original Document Quality  Original master copy 
 Contributor  Casey & Lowe Pty Ltd Collection 
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