NSW Archaeology Online

NSW Archaeology Online is a sustainable digital archive of information about the archaeology and heritage of important cultural places in New South Wales. Stage 1 of the project (2009-2011) made a collection of previously unpublished consultancy and student research reports (the so-called grey-literature) discoverable, searchable and publicly accessible online for the first time. Most of these reports were created before the mid-late 1990s in hard-copy format only. They document archaeological field survey, excavation and heritage assessment projects conducted under the NSW Heritage Act and are an important resource for research, education, heritage interpretation and management. Stage 2 of NSW Archaeology Online (2011-2013) involved digitizing more unpublished reports and also three collections of slides and photographs of industrial and other sites taken as part of historical archaeology research and consultancy projects conducted before 1995. The images also have important research and educational value for New South Wales historical archaeology and history and they can be viewed and downloaded from the Australian Historical Archaeological Database (AHAD).

Presentation of the grey-literature archive is a partnership between University of Sydney Library and the Archaeology of Sydney Research Group. The University of Sydney Library provides access to the collection. Development of the archive was funded by two NSW government heritage grants in 2009-2011 and 2011-2013.